Hope City is a ministry of Hope Crisis Response Network

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Rebuilding Homes, Restoring Lives

Who is Hope City

 Hope City is a ministry of Hope Crisis Response Network. Our mission is to serve individuals, families and communities impacted by disasters in the United States.

 This is done through a network of volunteers from denominations, non-demons, colleges, universities, civic groups, corporate America and anyone other groups who want to serve. Teams travel from all over North America. Teams commit to serve for a minimum of one week at a time. 

 Hope City, which is the name we give to our rebuild projects is named appropriately as it is our way of bringing and restoring hope to a community in need of encouragement and love.

 As a volunteer organization our goal is to provide a rewarding experience for all who come and serve. With over 20 years of experience, Hope City Camps are always a much sought after destination for mission teams. That is because we provide a warm welcoming environment that meets and in many times exceed the volunteer expectation.

 Our leadership provides onsite management, building materials, and tools in great working condition.

 If you ask any of our Hope City volunteers to share a highlight of their week, they are quick to respond with "Family Night". Once a week we enjoy the opportunity to invite our homeowners to camp to share a meal and get to know each other. Homeowners are so grateful and love spending time with the teams.  

Together we get too, "Rebuild Homes & Restore Lives

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Volunteers are the backbone of
"Rebuilding Homes, Restoring Lives".

Volunteers are the backbone of "Rebuilding Homes, Restoring Lives".

About Us

Hope City is a ministry of Hope Crisis Response Network.

Hope City is the name of the project for our Northbay Fire Response dating back to September 14th 2015, supporting our work in Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma and Shasta Counties.

Hope Crisis Response Network (HCRN) is a 501 c3 not for profit organization located in Middletown, CA and Elkhart, IN.  Since our work began in 1999 we have assisted hundreds of communities and served over 20,000 families with resources needed to help recover from the impact of a man-made or natural disaster. From our work during 9/11 with Cantor Fitzgerald, the New York City Fire and Police Departments, hurricanes on the East and Gulf Coast to wildfires in the West, and tornadoes and floods in the Midwest, we focus our attention and resources to where the greatest needs are. Many times these needs come from small communities that are not on anyone’s radar.

Known as a Faith Based-Humanitarian organization we use a holistic approach that allows us to focus on the whole person. Physical, Emotional, Financial and Spiritual components are the key ingredients that allow for the greatest opportunity for healing, one without the other makes a recovery incomplete.

HCRN serves in all phases of disasters, providing Volunteers Services Statewide to cleanup & home rebuild/repairs, volunteer camps, volunteer deployment, church mentoring, emotional & spiritual care,  community recovery development. 

HCRN is Governed by a hands on Board of Directors who not only provide leadership, but give financially and serve in the field on many of our projects.

HCRN/Hope City does not charge for it's work and does not discriminate in any way.

For more information on Hope Crisis Response Network please visit our website


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Supporting the Fire Recovery efforts through rebuilding in Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma and Shasta Counties.

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